Making A Magnetic Makeup Drawer

I think it’s done.

It’s taken quite a few months now, but I think it’s finally done! That, or I’m done with it, I’m not sure which at this point. But either way, I now have an organised dressing table and it’s such a wonderful little thing to look forward to each day.

While it’s not quite a DIY, I think next I want to get my skincare routine absolutely nailed down. I have found a few holy grail products over the last few months – such as my favourite sun-cream – but I’m still experimenting with finding a good cleansing bar that’s gentle enough to be used regularly. At the moment the two that I alternate between are just that tiiiiiny bit too harsh to be used regularly everyday. But at the very least, I’ve found a sunscreen that I love!

What I used in this video:

Foam Paper • Gold Paint • Mini Glue Gun • Magnetic Sheet

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