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DIY Winter Haircare Balm

Back when I did the Camino de Santiago one of the few beauty related items I brought with me was a tiny tin of home made hair balm. It was much simpler than this, just beeswax and evening primrose oil, but it was an absolute lifesaver. That year there had been a series of forest-fires in Portugal (which my sisters ended up getting caught up in a few of them), it was very, very hot, but after two weeks of the heat I had a ton of new growth and barely any split ends.

For some silly reason, after I got back, I stopped being in the habit of applying a balm to the ends of my hair, and I definitely noticed the difference. So this year, since I want to start growing my hair waist long, I’m determined to get back into taking a little more care of my hair and I thought I’d start by making a slightly improved version of the original hair balm I made.

What I used: 

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Melting Pot  • Castor  OilLanolinEvening Primrose Oil

BeeswaxPatchouli Essential OilLemongrass Essential Oil

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