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DIY Christmas Decorations – Red Berries

After how utterly crap this year has been, I’m so ready for Christmas! Last year I promised myself that I would ramp up my Christmas decorations, and so far I’m on track to reaching that goal. I have several different garlands planed, a large front door wreath and many, many diy’s in the works. As usual, my Patreon supporters are about a month ahead for content, but over December I’ll be releasing all the Christmas DIY tutorials for people to recreate.

One of the things I need to challenge myself on too is to keep the budget for these as close to zero as possible, and try to re-use or use up supplies I already have. I have two different ways to make berries, this way which I’ll be showing you today, and another which I’ll include later for slightly smaller berries using just wire, flour, water, slat, sugar and paint.

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