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My Favourite Gluten-Free Shortbread-esqu Cookies

Long story short, I’m starting to be able to tolerate sugar less and less in my diet, and I’m NOT happy about it.

I’m already really limited in what I can eat with gluten, soy, cinnamon, clove, aubergine, aniseed and nutmeg being complete no-go’s, and now it looks like sugar is trying to join the club. I’m trying not to make a bad situation worse, so for the moment I’m on a strict no-sugar streak except for special ocassions. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to Christmas, there’s a pack of cookies with my name on them! But in the meantime, I’ve actually managed to make something delicious which is sugar-free and doesn’t taste like cardboard.

What You’ll Need: 

250g Butter

250g honey

2 Eggs

250 g Tapioca Flour

250g Almond Flour

250g Oat Flour

250g Desiccated Coconut

If you want to add a few more ingredients to this you can also add 1-2 ripe bananas (they have to be ripe) and vanilla extract. Of course, if you’re not sensetive to sugar feel free to substitute the honey for sugar or brown sugar. You can also double or half this recipe without any issues. I’ve tried this recipe where I’ve doubled or even tripled the amounts and it’s tasted just as good.

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