My Favourite Up-cycled Projects

Learning how to re-use and re-purpose items has become somewhat of a daily game for me. It’s something that I absolutely love doing, both for the challenge and for the money-saving aspect. I really got into this when I was in University studying graphic design and it really hit me just how many things are just marketing. It costs more to buy an empty bottle than to buy it full of herbs and re-ue it later.

Another thing that struck me is how many lovely reusable items are just discarded. A perfect example are the small demijohns that my cider comes in. The bottles are beautiful, there are so many ways to re-use them and decorate with them, the cider itself is only a five pounds, but if I wanted to buy a demijohn bottle brand new without cider in it I could easily spend between £8-£16. It just seems a little insane to me that it is that way, so today I wanted to talk about my favourite up-cycles.

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