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Making the Downstairs Toilet Pretty

After completely refurbishing the downstairs toilet the next step was the details. I’m not a huge fan of rushing to do projects all in one go. It’s far to0 stressful, time-intensive, and (I think) leads to snap bad decisions that are made with the goal of finishing a project as quickly as possible rather than doing it well once.

Now that everything big was done it was time to tackle details and decor. I had hoped to paint a beautiful gold fern pattern on the green wall, but I ended up scrapping that idea and saving it for a later date so I could do it calmly and make a template for people to download if they wanted. So that will be saved for next time, but for today I wanted to get started on the built-in shelf under the sink, painting the walls, paint stripping the shelf, and adjusting the new towel rail. Adding all the little details that make a big difference.

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