Renovating My Wardrobe

And finally, the last project that had to get done before little bean arrived, the wardrobe. When I originally started planning this one months ago I had intended to do the work myself, but as I got more and more pregnant, I decided it wasn’t worth the stress or the insane time investment it would take when I could just hire an actual carpenter to do it properly.  It was worth every bloomin’ penny! I now have an organized, functional wardrobe that only took two days of disruption to make, and I can finally get started on my capsule wardrobe series in the next few months.

There a still details I need to add. The carpenter still has to install the coving, I need to make shoe racks for both of us and figure out a pretty and practical way to display my hats so I remember to wear them, but the basic bones of the thing is finally done!

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