My Favourite Small Home Improvements

In case I haven’t mentioned it already, I love my house. Corazon and I bought our first house two years ago, and even though it’s come with an absolute myriad of issues (boiler and faulty roof, I’m looking at you) I love my house. It’s mine, and every day we add small improvements here and there that make it better. Today I thought I’d talk about those improvements.

Links to items mentioned:

(please note that Amazon links are affiliate links)
  1. Floating Bedside Tables
  2. Re-chargeable Bedside Tables Lights 
  3. Coat Cupboard Rails 
  4. String Lights
  5. Door Organisers/Closet Maid
  6. Woodburning Stove
  7. Rainfall Shower 
  8. Spring Spout Tap
  9. Ottoman
  10. New wardrobe build

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