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Turning My Ottoman Seat Into A Vanity // Part Two – Making An Open Makeup Brush Holder

When I first bought this Ottoman with the intention of turning it into a vanity, I thought it would be the kind of thing that within a month it’d be all done and I’d have an area for my skincare, makeup, and jewellery. Turns out, it’s the never-ending project.

Now that I have an area for my rings I wanted to make a spot for my makeup brushes next. As I mentioned in a previous video I’m not too keen on keeping my makeup brushes in a makeup roll for too long. It always ends up distorting the longer-haired brushes, and I love my brushes! I want those beauties to last at least another ten years, so anything that will help display them properly and keep them in good condition is a must for this part of the project.

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