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Making an Easy DIY Herbal Hair Rinse

Lately, I’ve been thinking I need to take preemptive measures just in case my hair starts falling out in clumps again come October. When my son was born  – apart from the health nightmare that followed – one of the things that made me cut my hair short again was that my hair was falling out in bunches. Litteral bunches. Every time I had a shower or brushed my hair huge chunks of hair would fall out. This time around pregnancy has been a breeze in comparison – seriously, I keep waiting for everything to come crashing down – so I’m hoping that the normal postpartum symptoms of hair-loss will be less dramatic, but I want to be prepared and give my hair as much TLC as I can.

Recently I mentioned in the comments of one of my videos that I wish people realized how many common culinary herbs have some amazing hair and skin uses. Bay is one of those herbs I wanted to talk about today. That along with Nettles, which as you know from my nettle herbal tea video I’m a HUGE fan of.

Haircare Benefits of Bay:



Supposedly helpful against dandruff

Encourages hair growth

Haircare Benefits of Nettle:

Encourages hair growth

Rich in silica, sulfur, and iron

Full of antioxidants

I found a bottle on ebay here a few weeks ago that comes with a spray nozzle and a normal lid so that I have the option of both. To use this I like to spray it in my hair several times throughout the day, brush it through, and then leave it until I wash my hair that evening and run what’s left in the bottle through my hair. I’m not a massive fan of just pouring it last thing through your hair and then rinsing it out. I think you need more time to let it sit and do it’s job, which is why I like to make a day of it.

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