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Making A Herbal Exfoliating Oil

I’m going to be honest, as lovely as this exfoliating oil is to use, it looks like spinach soup’s fermented cousin. Now that I’m getting my skincare routine back on track I’m trying to make a few body creams too. A few months ago I was given one of those tester sized sachets for an exfoliating balm. It. Was. Amazing! It had this lovely lemony smell and some kind of exfoliant mixed in with the cream. The brand wasn’t a cruelty-free brand (and had a load of plastic packaging) so I decided to make my own version which – although much uglier – left my skin feeling just as soft and pampered.

What I used:

Lemon Balm + Peppermint • Ground Oats • Castor Oil • Shea Butter • Olive Oil

Ground Eggshells: If you don’t have this or want to make it feel free to substitute the eggshells for sugar (brown or white will do). One thing I want to make very, very clear when using eggshells is that they need to be ground into dust. Not grains! Don’t use a food processor for this, it won’t get fine enough. You need to use a stone mortar and pestle. A wooden one won’t get it fine enough. You know it’s fine enough when it looks and feels like dust. Anything larger is too abrasive. I know some people are fans of more abrasive scrubs – like the infamous St. Ives Apricot Scrub – but I did some serious damage to the skin around my nose when I was younger because I tried to scrub my acne away. It’s better to take it slowly and gently.

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