Decluttering/Downsizing My Sewing Equipment

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I’ve decluttered my art supplies a few times now, but I’m yet to give a good hard look at my sewing equipment. Over the last year, I’ve used the sewing kit more than I think I ever have. Now that I’m getting my capsule wardrobe going and getting brave enough to attempt altering my own clothes I’ve started to use the sewing boxes so much more. At the moment my current system has two boxes, one for threads and one for everything else. It’s annoying, impractical, and desperately needed to be organized.

I’d originally intended to get a larger wooden tiered box from Hobycraft, but when I went over to have a look at it the thing saw just too big. I have no intention of branching out into loads of large complicated sewing projects, just a few alterations here and there, so I really didn’t need anything that big. Instead, I got a smaller box and it was absolutely perfect!

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