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Turning My Ottoman Seat Into A Vanity // Part Three – Necklaces and Earring Organisation

I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for this project. Of course, as soon as it’s done I’m just going to move onto something else – probably fixing the bathroom – but it’ll make a big difference to have a neat and organized vanity in my room. Lately, I’ve been finding myself looking around my house and thinking to myself just how much it’s coming together and that I love my home. Not gonna lie, the first year and a half here were rough, not only with my health and severe postpartum depression but not having hot running water for a year and a myriad of house problems didn’t help.

This year we got the roof fixed¬†¬†temporarily patched which, should give us about three years to save up for it to be mended properly, the downstairs tiles are all down (no more carpets yay!), the windows properly insulated, there’s no longer water coming in through the walls and we have hot water again. Life is pretty bloody excellent as far as I’m concerned.

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