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Making A Better Laundry System

I have a secret. I’m really quite lazy. As much as cleaning and organizing are the kinds of things I do if I need to calm down or relax, I really, really hate it when everyday tasks take longer because they’re inefficient. Since we bought our first home just under two years ago I’ve been tackling projects in the order of how much they annoy me. The cupboards were the first victims; now every cupboard in the house has a rack system fixed to the doors, labeling and as decluttered as I can get them. It’s one of those silly little things that make me happy.

I grew up with the system of everyone had a laundry basket in their room which they had to bring down once it was full. Only thing is – being small and lazy – we didn’t always bring it down unless told and overflowing, and then my mum would still have to spend ages separating everything into their washing category.

Another thing I don’t like about that system is that when it comes to my son’s room, those clothes get really smelly! As soon as the door is closed for his nap or the night the smell just ferments away in the corner, and I’m not too keen on that ammonia smell personally.

It was actually my husband who suggested a better system of having a basket for each category on the landing. That way they still air out, no baskets in every bedroom and any adults or old-enough children in the house have to immediately separate their washing into the right category.

What I used: 

Poundstretcher Garden Hooks: Solid, affordable and did the job. If I ever end up moving this setup to a wall-hung version I’m still going to be using these hooks. The looked lovely after being painted and are holding up beautifully.

Frenchic Black Paint: I’m completely obsessed with this paint at the moment. It’s durable, doesn’t make me have a reaction when I paint with it (which is what happens with most paints) and it’s incredibly hardwearing.

Garden Cord: You can get this in most shops and you’ll always find it in a garden center.

Canvas Laundry Baskets: As much as I’m very happy with the bags I’m not massively happy with the seller I bought them from. I’d originally ordered five but was only set four, and as of yet they still haven’t refunded me the money for the missing bag. I’m going to link them anyway since the bags are very good, just bare in mind that you might want to look for the same style with a different seller.

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