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How I Grow and Preserve Chili Flakes

This was one of those plants I didn’t realize you could grow in this country till my mother-in-law gave me one. Turns out, with the right amount of watering and regular fertilizer, the thing grows beautifully on the windowsill! I haven’t had to buy chili flakes in over a year now. Since then it’s been joined by a calamondin and – hopefully soon – a black pepper plant.

I had hoped to grow a vanilla plant along with them too, but after a bit more research I’ve decided to wait until we get a conservatory since the vines grow quite a lot.

The variety of chili plant I have is a Super Chili, I’ve linked a more in-depth post here how to take care of them. The big mistake I made for the first few months of having it was I didn’t give it enough fertilizer, once I got that sorted the thing went absolutely nuts and started producing more chili’s than I could eat, which has been great! The more fresh herbs I can grow at home without buying them the better.

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