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Spring Garden Update

I think it was around a month ago we built the polytunnel, and since then we haven’t stopped adding to the garden. Potatoes, tomatoes, marigolds, parsley, sunflowers, borage, pink lavender, roses, calendula, nettles (yes, deliberately planted) and comfrey. We recently also added sage, rosemarry, calamondin and parsley to my already pretty intense herb garden. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the herb garden since it’s at the front of the house and as most of you know I’m extremely careful about not sharing too much personal stuff online, but just take my word on it, the collection is glorious!

What I can show you though is the back garden, and while it still needs a lot of work, it’s miles ahead of where it used to be! By the time we reach the end of the season the garden should be completely unrecognizable (in a good way).

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