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Ageing My Gold Mirror with Tea and Ink

I’ve been thinking for a while that my gold mirror needs a change. As much as I love the look of gold, where the mirror sits in the hallway it’s a little too dark of a colour gold. My hallways is very dark with no direct light. All the light that gets there has to be reflected, so having a dark-framed mirror there wasn’t helping. I decided I was going to paint it at also experiment with a few different mediums and techniques and see how it turned out.

What I used:

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Frenchic Paint in Cream Dream  · Brown Ink  · Burnt Siena Panpastel

Now that I’ve changed the mirror I think I need to bump up my plans to change the toilet door to a wooden one, there’s far too much white going on! A simple pine door will make all the difference and add a little warmth (not to mention a nice backdrop for ootd’s, but for now, it’s a step in the right direction. I’m sure some people will find the change to be ugly, but I love it!

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