Mending Moth Holes With Moths

Two years ago we moved into our house. It was our first home and I was barely two weeks out from having given birth to my son. I was in a shit-load of pain and in the beginning of what would be seven months of hellish postpartum depression. I was so focused on trying to keep my head above water that I didn’t notice that some little fluffy bastard moth had started to munch on two of my favourite scarves.

Since then we’ve ripped out all the carpets, evicted the moths and done up the house, but I still hadn’t managed to fix the holes in my scarves yet. I love these scarves, I’d spent a fair amount of time and money collecting them, and the last thing I wanted to do was stop using them or have to cut them up to reuse on other projects, so I was determined to fix them. At first, I considered just weave stitching them to mend the hole, but my weave stitch is still not perfect, so it occurred to me; what if I embroidered moths over the holes as a kind of inside joke? So that’s what I did.

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