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How I Cut My Own Hair

Despite how many times I have cut my own hair now, I still haven’t quite refined how I do it. I normally start with a plan, and then towards the end, I just start cutting indiscriminately. Somehow I haven’t yet done a haircut that makes me want to buzz cut everything, but honestly, if this quarantine continues for much longer I might do just that to manage the stress.

Thankfully I’m much better at cutting my husband’s hair, though the first time I cut it I didn’t tell him that I messed up at the back and that there was a tiny bald patch I’d cut out. Since I’m sure I’m going to get questions about what I use I’ve decided to list everything bellow and do a mini-review too.

Blue Avocado Scissors¬†(Affiliate link): I bought these in 2016 and I have absolutely no complaints. They’re sharp as the day I bought them and I like that I have the option to take them apart and re-sharpen them if they ever get blunt.

Woner Hair Clippers: I’m a little less enthusiastic about these. I boguht them a year ago when we were looking at every little way we could cut our monthly expenses so that I ould cut my husband’s hair myself rather than go to a barber. I loved that it came in a hard case so I could keep everything together, and the reviews at the time were very good. But in the last two months it’s started to make this really awful buzzing sound when it’s turned on, even though it’s fully charged each time and thoroughly cleaned after each hair cut. While it hasn’t outright died on me yet, I doubt it’s going to last very long. So while it still saved us a lot of money, I’m annoyed at it wasn’t as good a purchase as I’d hoped.

I’m thinking that once these do bite the dust I might get one of the old fashioned manual hair clippers. At least that’s a metal item and if it doesn’t work I can put it in the recycling.

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