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Another Home DIY Project

My last house project was the stairs, which if you’ve seen that video you know that it took me over a year to finish. Thankfully this project didn’t take so long, but it still took around 3-4 months from start to finish.

This window has been driving me nuts since we moved in (actually, all the windows have). I only noticed two months ago that none of the windows were sealed properly on the outside. Which is why over the last two winters we got water and mold building up on ALL the windowsills in the house. Every morning I would have to wipe away the small puddles pooling at the bottom of the frame. The enamel paint was seriously chipped because of this, and the wood underneath was starting to rot badly. As someone who is very allergic to mould, I was not happy. It had to be fixed.

Once I sealed the windows properly, I haven’t had a problem! And now that the window is done I can move onto my next target; making a built-in wardrobe vanity combo for our bedroom.

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