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Dying My Silk Shirt With Avocado Peels

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Over Christmas, I was given two amazing books by my in-laws, The Wild Dyer and Wild Colour. Oddly enough natural dying was never something that had crossed my mind. We’re currently in the process of starting to grow a good amount of our own food, and my family is full of crafters and artisans who specialize in heritage crafts, but it never occurred to me that a lot of the plants, fruits and herbs around me can be used as a natural dye.

A few weeks ago my husband bought some avocados as a treat. I hate avocados with a passion, the texture is slug-like and the taste unappealing, but I’d read that you could use them as a dye on ‘s blog, so I saved the peels and stone as my husband ate them in the freezer till I was ready to use them.

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