Trying To Stay Calm – The One-Mend-A-Day Challenge

Last week was insane, I think that’s fair to say. I spent so much of last week trying to be productive, instead, I think I spent most of it glued to the news. I didn’t want the week to carry on badly, so I thought I would use an old trick that has always worked so far; the one-mend-a-day challenge.

The rules are simple: 

  • Each day do at least ONE thing such as mending, repairing or re-organizing.
  • It can only take 15 minutes long.
  • If you get motivated to do more than one thing, great! You go ahead and do that. But you still have to do another thing the next day. You can’t do days in advance.

That’s it. Simple, quick, and always helps me get re-motivated and calms my brain when it’s running away with me. Let me know if you like it too.

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