Preserving Enough Thyme To Last A Year

This year my herb garden should finally be properly established. So far the only herbs I have in the ground are Chamomile, Thyme and some lovely pink Lavender. But in the next few weeks all the rest of my herbs – chives, varieties of oregano, bay, sage, lemon thyme, and bay – will finally be in the ground. My sage, in particular, is begging to be released from its pot, though I will still be keeping my┬ámint, peppermint and lemon balm in pots purely because of how in evasive they are.

Since the thyme was put in the ground last year it has exploded and grown so much better. The difference in taste is really quite amazing! This year I have enough dried thyme to last a year, which is great since I use it in almost every meal. It’s so easy to do, so I wanted to share a more vlog-y style video showing just how simple it is.

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