Elwyn’s Mermaid – 1st Illustration + What Happened to Outsider?

This year I’ve set myself four writing goals. Writing over the last year and a bit has been very hard with the various health issues I’ve gone through, but a few months ago something clicked and it occurred to me…every story I write doesn’t have to be a massive series. I can just have a simple short idea that doesn’t need six months of world-building and leave it at that.

You’re probably wondering what happened to Outsider, the series I started with, well – that’s a long story. So I’ll try and give a short version.

After I self-published that book it did extraordinarily well. I can’t remember the exact number, but it was thousands of copies sold and it shot up the Amazon bestsellers. When this happened I was approached by a lady who used to work at a management company I was signed too. She was a scriptwriter and wanted to develop it for a series to pitch to film studios. The idea was that we would turn the book into an online webcomic and use that to pitch the series to a studio. I didn’t see the harm in it, and really wanted to make a comic version of Outsider, so I started working with this lady.

A few months later I was approached by a second party, a very well know book agency in London that had seen my book, read it, and wanted to represent me. We had a problem. I wanted to be represented by this agency who wanted to take my book and pitch it to publishers to publish it traditionally, but since I’d been working with this lady on the comic book version, she obviously wanted to keep working on the script so she could pitch it. Since she had been working with me on the script it meant I had to buy back the rights to my own book so that I would own everything and it would be possible to take it to traditional publishers. No publisher wants to buy a book with complicated ownership. Honestly – looking back on it – I wish I’d just let the book die there and then and just pitched something else. But it was my first book and I was attached to it, so I paid over £9,000 to buy back the rights to my own book, and ever since then, it’s been a real struggle to write.

Every time I think I can find the enthusiasm for it I remember how much I killed my savings for it, and it eats at me each time.  The plan is to still finish Outsider, but first I need to get a few short stories out of my system, a kind of writing palate cleanser.

This year I’ve set myself a few small goals of three short stories and one stand-alone novel. These are the blurbs:

Elwyn’s Mermaid – A grief-stricken mermaid makes her way away from the sea to a small mining town where she befriends a young human boy.

Switcher – Gifted with the ability to switch bodies, Eve Elis feels trapped by the strict secret society she is part of. When she accidentally switches body with a complete stranger, Eve sees it as an opportunity to escape her old life. Soon she realizes that – while she may have a new life – there’s something terribly wrong with this new body.

Tooth – After returning to her small village home Alice Morgan is shocked when she comes face-to-face with her childhood bullies. Furious to discover that none of them will admit to their past cruelty, Alice accidentally curses them in the ruins of an ancient Iceni shrine and unleashes a creature that had been contained there for hundreds of years.


The full novel planned this year will be called Aphelion, but I’ll tell you more about it closer to the time.

So, those are the short stories for this year. I know I want to release tooth closer to Halloween, so Switcher will probably be the next release after Elwyn’s Mermaid. Which one do you like the look of the most?

 If you liked the artwork for this video you can find the listing for it here 

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