Using A Cigarette Case For Eyeshdows

A few weeks ago I was browsing eBay to see if I could find a bronze or copper repousse jar. I shouldn’t have – I don’t need one, but I wanted five minutes to relax and not think, and looking at pretty things did the trick. This beautiful Japanese cigarette case came up in the listings. It was a complete mistake, but it occurred to me a cigarette case could very easily be re-purposed to be a small and compact eyeshadow case. I found one I liked, bought it, and waited. Oh, and if you want to go down a rabbit hole of stunning but expensive vintage cigarette cases, eBay is the perfect place to do it.

As it is, I had a small tiny budget, and if I’m going to buy vintage I prefer to do it in my local antique shop so I can check everything works (I’ve been caught out by this so badly in the past). So I bought a non-vintage case.

My son’s current obsession is to destroy the little makeup I have left. At the moment it’s all – stupidly- laid out in one of my drawers. And it’s a little too much for him to resist. Can’t blame him, it all looks very pretty and shiny! He’s already destroyed two of my eyeshadows – thankfully, none of my favorites. Something needed to be done. So this is what I did.

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