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How I Declutter My Art Supplies

I’ve decluttered a LOT of my art stuff this year.

It’s not something I ever thought I would do; my art supplies were my pride and joy, and I had spent many, many years collecting various inks, pens, and papers. But as I started to declutter the rest of my life, I gradually started to look at my art supplies and realize that a lot of it was just me collecting stuff, and not really using it. It started to really bug me.

In the end, I decluttered my art stuff for two main reasons:

  1.  I wanted to put as much money aside into our house and mortgage. This house needs a LOT of work. When we moved in it had no central heating, the boiler broke a month after. There were (still are) things we need to fix – like the roof – and just a hundred and one little things. I’d rather have the money than items I don’t use.
  2. I’d really started to notice what were the tools I used and what ones I didn’t. I think every artist needs to go through a stage where they experiment with different mediums and styles to figure out what they really like. I’m past that stage now. I know what I like and what I don’t, and most of all I I HATE art supplies going to waste.

This video isn’t going to help declutter the things which just need to go completely, it’s for the items where you know you use some of them, but not all. It’s a system that’s worked quite well for me, hopefully, you’ll find it useful too.

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