Can You Use Ash To Clean Jewellery?

It’s not exactly an age-old question, but it’s something I saw listed in a “uses for wood ash” blog post a while ago, and I’ve been wondering if it worked or not. Our house is heated entirely by our trusty woodburning stove, it’s gloriously efficient and very cozy, but produces a lot of ash.

Over the last year I’ve been trying to find uses for all the waste in my house. Old clothes, food scraps, craft items etc. So far I have three uses for ash; it’s a fantastic dupe if you don’t have gritting salt, it’s wonderful for the compost heap, and if you keep a kitchen compost caddy, a little bit of ash sprinkled over it each day stops any of those annoying fruit flies infesting your kitchen.

So today I want to find out if I can find a fourth use for the extra wood ash.

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