Making (Chocolate) Apple Crisps

Like I mention in the video, these things are my kryptonite. Especially when they’re smothered in chocolate. Making them is simple, but time-consuming, especially if you do it by hand, and for that reason – and because I make them so regularly – I use a dehydrator and rotating peeler. I make these so often that it was worth it for me to make the whole process faster and easier.

If you’re only looking to dabble in making these or don’t have any of the tools I’ve mentioned, I’ve written about two other ways you can make them bellow.

Making them using the Sun:

Given that I live in the cloudy bleakness that is England, this way of doing it isn’t very reliable. Some years we get nice hot summers, other’s it’s a complete washout. If you live in a country with better sunlight, you will need a baking tray to lay out the apple peels on, and then either a cookie wire tray to raise the apples up off the baking tray, or some parchment paper.

You could lay the apples on the trays outside to dry in the sun just like that. But the problem is that the underside doesn’t always dry evenly if it’s directly against the tray, and you keep having to rotate each slice until it’s completely dry. This can take several hours sometimes, it makes a long job even longer! If you use a cookie/ sheet to raise it up a little, then – provided the sun gets hot enough – you can just leave them till dry.

I can’t give you an exact time here till they’re dry, it’ll vary so much from country to country. Just check on it regularly (and be aware that any hungry birds in the area will go for them, along with every insect in the area) and wait till they seem dry and chewy to you). Ideally, you want to sit outside and watch them while you’re doing this. I have had birds make off with a large portion of my apples before. It’s a little heartbreaking when that happens, especially if you’ve spent most of the day peeling the apples by hand.

Make them using the Oven: 

This is the method I prefer if I have just a few apples on the verge of going off, and not enough to justify turning the whole dehydrator on. It’s a great way to preserve potentially wasted food, and I like that it heats up the house in the process (my house get’s very cold in winter!)

Take your apple slices, lay them out on a cookie wire tray, and put that straight into the oven, set at the lowest heat and with the door cracked open. Don’t close the door or you’ll burn the apples.

Every 15 minutes or so you want to check on the apples. Because the door is open you should be able to tell when they’re getting nice and crispy, but don’t leave it just to your nose to decide. Check on them, and when both sides seem dry but still pliable, they’re done.

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