Trying Out A Buckwheat Mattresses – Is It Worth The Switch?

First of all, I’d imagine you’re wondering “what on earth is a buckwheat mattress, and why would you use that over a normal one?”

Well, for me at least I switched to it for three reasons; First, I really, really hate soft mattresses. They make my back hurt so much that getting up in the morning feels like I’ve had a goat dancing on my spine all night. I’d resorted to sleeping on the floor quite a few times in the past because I could never find a mattress firm enough.

I’d also noticed that there was something about normal mattresses that really irritated my sinuses. I’d wake up in the morning and my face would feel swollen and stuffy, it was the same kind of reaction I would get if I walked in a very dusty room, or went up into my parent’s attic. I’ve known for years that I don’t handle dust very well, but I was noticing more and more that normal mattresses didn’t agree with me either.

Lastly, I’ve been slowly trying to move more and more towards buying things that I would want to have rot in my garden. No plastic, no polyester, acrylic, foam, etc. My reasoning for this is that if it’s so toxic that it would kill off the organisms in the compost bin, or damage any food growing in my veggie patch, then I wanted to do my best not to buy it- let alone sleep on it! That part is still a long work in progress, but once I started to look more and more into what conventional mattresses were made of, the less I wanted to sleep on one, let along send it off to a landfill where it would attempt to decompose over the next 500 years.

So I started looking around for something bio-degradable and, ideally, made in the UK. Eventually, I found a British seller that made buckwheat mattresses and pillows. I took about a year to slowly buy them, the last thing I wanted to do was spend a lot of money and find out they didn’t work for me. And at £200 for the mattress, I couldn’t afford to mess this up. I bought the pillows here, the quilted version of the mattress here, and the tube mattress was purchased here. Please note that Amazon links are affiliate links.

Two years later, these are my final opinions:

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