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How I Adjust My Jeans To Fit Perfectly

I remember promising to make a video about this the first year I started making YouTube videos back on my old channel when I did song covers and a few random videos. That was over seven years ago, and to be honest I’m quite glad I waited to do the video till now because since then my method had improved massively. My original trick was to cut enormous chunks out of the side – and that always made the bottom sag weirdly. But I did it that way for years until my sister – who is a professional seamstress – couldn’t take it anymore and showed me a much better way where I unpin, cut and then resew the jeans at the back, and any adjustments are easily hidden along the seams.

I’ve listed what I used exactly bellow, but don’t think that you have to use exactly what I do. Really, all you need is a good pair of fabric scissors, a thread which matches as much as possible the thread used on your jeans, and a good firm needle. Although I didn’t use one in the video, I’d also recommend using a thimble too. I’ve done this enough times to get the hang of sewing denim by hand, but if it’s something you haven’t tried before it’s very, very easy to stab the life out of your fingertips.

What I Used:

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