Declutter With Me: The Art Studio

This is one of those videos where I got a little cocky when I started and thought I would be done in a few hours. At this point I’d already de-cluttered the art room over three times since the previous year, so I thought I wouldn’t have much to declutter. Boy was I wrong!

I must have just browsed over my art supplies the last few times and just assumed that if it was art I regularly used it and would want to keep it. I found so many spares! Spares of pencils I rarely use, don’t like or would never use up fast enough to justify having that much of a backup. After a few days I had a whole bag of supplies to go to my little sisters. Any spares I thought I might need within a years or two I kept, but I limited myself to only two spares. Twenty-seven spares of exactly the same pencil seemed a tiny bit excessive to me.

At the start of the video I showed a stunning davenport/captains desk that I found on Facebook marketplace. I’ve been looking for one of thse for over a year now, almost two, and now I finally have one! Not only do I think these are absolutely stunning to look at, I love the efficient use of space and how it forces me to consider very carefully what I need and use. I know that I have an awful tendency to horde. Part of me is always scared of losing everything (it’s a long story) and a lot of this subconscious fear is expressed in a need to have backups for my backups, and then a bucker in the woods with even more backups. Over the last three years I’ve gotten much, much better at controlling this impulse. Now I’d say that nine times out of ten I can spot when I’m buying something out fear or because I would actually use and love that item.

I also think it’s very important for me to try and design my surroundings so that they help me. Having a large table like I did not only took up far more room than I actually needed, but also made it hard to keep the room clear and didn’t help with that compulsion to fill up empty space. Not to mention that I share that room with my husband, and having so many large items of furniture in that room made it very claustrophobic.

Another thing I realized during this declutter session was that it was very important for me to make sure that I didn’t keep any of my supplies in tins or boxes that made them hard to access. My¬†Polychromos¬†were a perfect example of this. I love those pencils! They’re an absolute dream to use and they make me so happy each time I use them, but I don’t use them as much as I would like because they’re an absolute pain in the neck to get in and out of the box. Sure, they look very pretty laid out on their rows, but they look even better displayed in my pencil rack, right next to the desk where I can see and use them.

The room isn’t perfect yet. I still need to paint the whole room white to get as much light in there as possible – the windows in this house are tiny. I’d also eventually like to have a system for my computer which doesn’t have all my stuff crammed in the cubes underneath. Part of that is just going to resolve itself over time by using up my supplies, but if having everything out on display still annoys me in a years time I might look into making a cover for the front of the cube shelf.

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