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Declutter With Me: My Jewelry Box

Every time I think I’m done de-cluttering something else pops up. I swear, it’s like a never-ending revolving door! That door has slowed down in the last year, but still, it’s turning. To be fair though, each time I have another de-clutter I notice that I’m a lot more efficient about the whole thing. I’m more aware of what I use, what I love and I’m less de-railed by my tendency to try to hoard for the worst case scenario, what-ifs, or keep things out of a sense of guilt. If anything I’m quite brutal about the whole thing now, and I like it!

Today’s target was my jewelry box. Like I mention in the video, at some point soon I want to replace our MASSIVE chest of drawers into some small IKEA Alex units. One for Corazon and one for myself where they can both fit perfectly into the wardrobe, out of the way and with all the space we need.

Once I get those drawers I’ll turn the top drawer into my jewelry box so that I can see everything I have in one go. I have a lot of jewelry that I really, really love – but I don’t wear it because it’s either at the back of the earring wheel, down the side of the jewelry box, or in one of the drawers that I forget to open. This way – hopefully – I’ll be able to use everything better and not get back into bad old habits.

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