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Making Rosemary Water

Today is another one of those videos which is really, really simple, but I want to cover it so that I don’t have to cover other things like sage and thyme water, which I’ll be using in future skincare videos.

Rosemary water is something I use a lot, especially for skin and hair care. It can be used in the bath (great for soothing tired irritated skin) it’s great for your hair, a DIY air freshener/linen spray, but my main use for it is as nappy water for baby’s cloth wipes. It’s absolutely great for soothing irritated skin or nappy rash! 

Normally each bottle I make will last around a week to a week and a half before the scent starts to get weaker, so I never make a huge batch unless I’m likely to use it up very quickly.

Although I mention it in the video, I’d like to mention this again; don’t use rosemary that has been sprayed with any kind of weedkiller or garden sprays! If you don’t have a bush growing in your garden, or don’t know anybody who has one in their garden, then the dried herb version will also work, or rosemary tea.

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