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Making My Own Floating Bedside Table

A few months ago we realized that we’d downsized so much that we didn’t really need our bedside tables, and in fact, they were more of a nuisance than anything else. My main issuse was that they blocked the storage drawers under the bed, and dust bunnies loved to collect under them. As someone who really doesn’t do well with dust or dirt, that was the last straw. But we still needed some kind of bedside table, just enough space to hold a book or an alarm clock, so I decided to make one.

I’d found a broken up Sheesham wood tv unit on facebook marketplace recently, and even though I ended stabbing myself more than once, I took the whole thing apart to use the lumber for various house projects. The first thing I used it for was a few shelves and then the floating bedside tables.

Then the only other thing I needed were brackets and some screws. The brackets I found in the sale section of aldi (£1.99) and the screws we already had. So other than the time, building both these bedside tables cost me less than £3, and the floating bedside tables I had been looking at cost £21.99 each. Maybe it’s just because I’m a complete sucker for a bargain, but I absolutely love how these turned out!

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