How I Get Glass Spray Bottles (Without Spending A Fortune)

A sad as it sounds, cleaning has become something I quite enjoy. Once I started to make my own products and stopped using the regular house cleaning products that really, really didn’t agree with me, I started to enjoy the whole process. I especially love having everything in glass spray bottles, it just looks beautiful!

A few years ago and I’d bought one glass spray bottle but never bought another since simply because I was squirreling every. spare. penny. into my savings – buying a house is expensive! Spending £12 on a glass spray bottle wasn’t something I was about to do. It was only about 6 months ago that I noticed that the glass distilled vinegar bottles I’d seen in Tescos happened to fit perfectly with the nozzles of most regular house cleaning products perfectly.

I didn’t have to buy any new plastic and I could use most of a finished product which would otherwise just get thrown away. My family still use regular house cleaning products, so once they were finished with one or two bottles, I was able to take those and repurpose them.

A Few Notes: 

  • It’s not just this brand of vinegar bottles which work. The bottle top width is a pretty standard size, so if you keep an eye out you’ll find that a lot of other brands that work.
  • If you don’t buy standard house cleaning products maybe ask friends and family to save you a used up bottle?
  • You can buy the spray tops on their own, but so far I’ve found it’s more expensive and the pump power is a lot weaker than in the normal house cleaning products.

What Do You Use The Bottles For? 

  1. The grey bottle for cleaning any countertops or floor tiles. A small teaspoon of regular washing up liquid, water, 5 drops of peppermint essential oil and 10 drops of tea tree essential oil. The peppermint smells great to me but smells awful to spiders, which is fine by me, anything which keeps them out of the house! Tea tree is a natural antibacterial, antiviral, fungicidal and a parasiticide. Exactly the kind of thing I want to kill any nasties on the kitchen surfaces and floor.
  2. The blue bottle for laundry, dusting or a quick spot clean. This one is just water – hence the blue spray top – makes cleaning stains out of any clothes much quicker and easier too. A vanish bar, a quick spray to wet the area and a quick scrub.
  3. The green bottle for cleaning stainless steel and windows. A 50/50 mixture of citrus distilled vinegar and water. This is the one that’s made the biggest difference to me. The regular stuff I used to use would make my head spin hours after I used it, not to mention if I accidentally got any on my self my skin would crack open and bleed. Hurt like hell. This mix works much better for me.

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