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Something That Helped My Morning Sickness

Turns out I’m lucky. Nobody in my family really suffers from morning sickness, but me, when I got pregnant I had three months of puking my guts out. I couldn’t stand up and I couldn’t keep food down. If I was lucky I’d manage to get one full meal in before it all became too much. Yay me.

Between nausea and the vomiting, it was nausea that I just couldn’t handle, and after a month and a half of this, I was ready to try anything! Nearly everyone I talked to recommended ginger, but ginger makes me throw up even when I’m not pregnant, I really, really hate the stuff! So it really wasn’t an option. In the end, I found essential oil recommended on a pregnancy forum and figured I’d give it a shot since it was getting really quite unbearable. I already have a pretty insane collection of essential oils as it is, so I had all the oils to hand and the mix I tried was just what I needed to take the edge off. It wasn’t a cure, but it seriously helped!

Most people burned the oils in an oil burner, but I needed something I could keep in my pocket and carry around with me when I went out, so I did this instead. The oils listed below are the ones which personally worked for me, but other oils which are recommended are: clove bud, ginger, lavender, mint (spearmint and peppermint), black pepper, rosewood, and sandalwood.

What I Used: 

  • 3 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 3 drops of Chamomile Essential Oil
  • 3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
  • Small Glass Cork Topped Bottle
  • Half a cotton ball

I wanted to be able to carry the mixture around with me in my pocket without having to worry that the bottle would turn upside down and leak oils all over my clothes, so I added half a cotton ball inside to absorb the oils. I found when I did this that I could smell the oils a lot better than when it has just been loose liquid inside the bottle. I don’t know why that was the case, but the oils definitely diffused better.

Once the cotton was in the bottle I added the oils, let them soak into the cotton and then put the cork in until I needed to open it. That’s it really.

Each time I felt like I needed to make a dash for the bathroom a sniff of this would usually do the trick enough for me not to throw up. I wouldn’t call it a cure for morning sickness, but it took the edge off and knocked my nausea levels from a constant nine out of ten to a very manageable three.

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  • Reply Veronika

    Dear Klaire, first please let me congratulate to you and your husband on expecting a beautiful little being which will definitely bring you a lot of joy. Second, I am just starting to look into the essential oils more, because my little one has cough for a month already and nothing is helping.And you get me on this idea to try essential oils. So hopefully I will find something. Wish you and your family all the best .

    13th March 2018 at 6:50 pm
  • Reply Panya

    FYI — if you’re interested in a more sturdy option, our local health food stores sell plastic DIY aromatherapy inhalers, and there are nice metal-and-glass ones available on Amazon. I’m seriously considering buying a multipack of the metal ones so I can have an easily accessible range of options when I start mixing oils for personal use. E.g. lemon is calming for me [I don’t know why, since usually people say it’s lavender and the like] but I can’t always have a diffuser lit and I have a mind that constantly opening the bottle of oil is going to make it lose its scent more quickly, so I’ve been thinking about going with an inhaler.

    3rd April 2018 at 9:43 am
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