Decluttering/Downsizing My Sewing Equipment

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    I’ve decluttered my art supplies a few times now, but I’m yet to give a good hard look at my sewing equipment. Over the last year, I’ve used the sewing kit more than I think I ever have. Now that I’m getting my capsule wardrobe going and getting brave enough to attempt altering my own clothes I’ve started to use the sewing boxes so much more. At the moment my current system has two boxes, one for threads and one for everything else. It’s annoying, impractical, and desperately needed to be organized.

    I’d originally intended to get a larger wooden tiered box from Hobycraft, but when I went over to have a look at it the thing saw just too big. I have no intention of branching out into loads of large complicated sewing projects, just a few alterations here and there, so I really didn’t need anything that big. Instead, I got a smaller box and it was absolutely perfect!

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    Turning My Ottoman Seat Into A Vanity // Part Four – Making A Magnetic Panel

    Of all my adjustments to the ottoman, this is the one I’m the proudest of. It cleared all the bits and pieces up really nicely and – I think – looks pretty cool. I’m especially pleased I managed to start using up all the magnets my husband gave me and I can’t wait to use up the last of them for the kitchen first aid cupboard. It’ll be a great way to keep the nail clipper, tweezers and smaller reached-for items easily accessible on the door.

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    A Ridiculously Easy Skincare DIY – Starting My Skincare Routine Again

    For the last one, almost two years my skincare routine has been completely abandoned.

    Occasionally I’ll do a mask, or maybe even slap some moisturizer one, but an actual daily routine just hasn’t been happening. At first it was because I had bigger fish to fry with my health and the house, then because I didn’t have an area for myself. I love having rituals and spaces which are designated for one thing. Now that my ottoman is almost done I think it’s time to start getting back into a routine. It’s been absolutely lovely to sit down, clean my skin, dry brush and use the jade roller each morning and night. I still have a few more concoctions to make like a few balms, hair oils, and cleansing oil, but for today this Rosemary and Thyme cleansing water is a good start.

    Skincare Benefits of Rosemary:

    Antiseptic/Antimicrobial: Reduces the possibility of infection, sepsis, or putrefaction.

    Stimulant: Increases circulation.

    Astringent: Causes temporary tightening of the skin.

    Skincare Benefits of Thyme:

    Also antimicrobial and an astringent, like rosemary.

    Bactericidal: Kills bacteria.

    Antioxidant: Prevents or slows the damage caused by free radicals.

    Cictrisant: Skin healing.


    These are just the herbs I want to use today. They’re easily accessible, but there are SO many common herbs (or even weeds) that had some spectacular skincare benefits. Bay leaves, for example, are such an ignored herb for skincare, but I’ll feature that eventually once my bay tree is a little bigger.

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    Turning My Ottoman Seat Into A Vanity // Part Three – Necklaces and Earring Organisation

    I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for this project. Of course, as soon as it’s done I’m just going to move onto something else – probably fixing the bathroom – but it’ll make a big difference to have a neat and organized vanity in my room. Lately, I’ve been finding myself looking around my house and thinking to myself just how much it’s coming together and that I love my home. Not gonna lie, the first year and a half here were rough, not only with my health and severe postpartum depression but not having hot running water for a year and a myriad of house problems didn’t help.

    This year we got the roof fixed  temporarily patched which, should give us about three years to save up for it to be mended properly, the downstairs tiles are all down (no more carpets yay!), the windows properly insulated, there’s no longer water coming in through the walls and we have hot water again. Life is pretty bloody excellent as far as I’m concerned.

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    Another Earring Up-cycling Project

    Somedays I can’t quite decide if Pinterest is my biggest source of temptation or inspiration. I love using it to wind down in the evening and re-pin everything I see that I find inspiring, pretty or helpful for ideas. I saw these earrings recently, and to try and stop myself from buying a pair I thought I would try and upcycle a pair I rarely wear.

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    Making A Better Laundry System

    I have a secret. I’m really quite lazy. As much as cleaning and organizing are the kinds of things I do if I need to calm down or relax, I really, really hate it when everyday tasks take longer because they’re inefficient. Since we bought our first home just under two years ago I’ve been tackling projects in the order of how much they annoy me. The cupboards were the first victims; now every cupboard in the house has a rack system fixed to the doors, labeling and as decluttered as I can get them. It’s one of those silly little things that make me happy.

    I grew up with the system of everyone had a laundry basket in their room which they had to bring down once it was full. Only thing is – being small and lazy – we didn’t always bring it down unless told and overflowing, and then my mum would still have to spend ages separating everything into their washing category.

    Another thing I don’t like about that system is that when it comes to my son’s room, those clothes get really smelly! As soon as the door is closed for his nap or the night the smell just ferments away in the corner, and I’m not too keen on that ammonia smell personally.

    It was actually my husband who suggested a better system of having a basket for each category on the landing. That way they still air out, no baskets in every bedroom and any adults or old-enough children in the house have to immediately separate their washing into the right category.

    What I used: 

    Poundstretcher Garden Hooks: Solid, affordable and did the job. If I ever end up moving this setup to a wall-hung version I’m still going to be using these hooks. The looked lovely after being painted and are holding up beautifully.

    Frenchic Black Paint: I’m completely obsessed with this paint at the moment. It’s durable, doesn’t make me have a reaction when I paint with it (which is what happens with most paints) and it’s incredibly hardwearing.

    Garden Cord: You can get this in most shops and you’ll always find it in a garden center.

    Canvas Laundry Baskets: As much as I’m very happy with the bags I’m not massively happy with the seller I bought them from. I’d originally ordered five but was only set four, and as of yet they still haven’t refunded me the money for the missing bag. I’m going to link them anyway since the bags are very good, just bare in mind that you might want to look for the same style with a different seller.

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    Turning My Ottoman Seat Into A Vanity // Part Two – Making An Open Makeup Brush Holder

    When I first bought this Ottoman with the intention of turning it into a vanity, I thought it would be the kind of thing that within a month it’d be all done and I’d have an area for my skincare, makeup, and jewellery. Turns out, it’s the never-ending project.

    Now that I have an area for my rings I wanted to make a spot for my makeup brushes next. As I mentioned in a previous video I’m not too keen on keeping my makeup brushes in a makeup roll for too long. It always ends up distorting the longer-haired brushes, and I love my brushes! I want those beauties to last at least another ten years, so anything that will help display them properly and keep them in good condition is a must for this part of the project.

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    Up-cycling My Earrings (So I Don’t Buy New Ones)

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    At the moment I have a few art commissions, and as a result, I’m working with a lot of gouache. It’s not a medium I’d ever really used before, but with this particular job it wasn’t really appropriate to use watercolor or pencil, and I was quite keen to try something new. Now that I have, I’m on a little bit of a gouache binge, and everything is getting the “but can I paint it” question.

    As it is, I have two pairs of hoops that I was given for my birthday that I don’t really wear much, so I thought I would challenge myself to upcycle it. I think it turned out quite well!

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    Turning and Ottoman Storage Seat into a Vanity Dresser (Part 1)

    Bit by bit, it’s all coming together!

    Every so often I start a project that seems to take forever because I keep overthinking every tiny ridiculous detail – so getting started on this was taking forever! Once I started though it started to come together; first, a lock to stop my son getting in, then the raised tray, then opening up the lid. I’m still not sure how I want to rig up the mirror and lighting yet. I’ve been uploading less of the capsule makeup challenges than I would have liked lately, and most of that is down to having a limited amount of time once my son is napping to set up the lighting, camera etc.

    If I can figure out a way to have an illuminated mirror ready to go inside the lid and a camera grip on the seat too so that any setup takes less than a minute I should be able to film SO much more. Especially with Halloween coming up in a few months, I really, really want to show just how much you can do with a limited makeup collection.

    And speaking of a limited makeup collection, I found the most beautiful lipstick organizer on eBay the other day! Honestly, every time I open that ottoman the thing just makes me smile. Now I just have to resist the urge to buy every glass and brass organizer I can find, which won’t be easy. I’m a complete sucker for it.

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    How I Grow and Preserve Chili Flakes

    This was one of those plants I didn’t realize you could grow in this country till my mother-in-law gave me one. Turns out, with the right amount of watering and regular fertilizer, the thing grows beautifully on the windowsill! I haven’t had to buy chili flakes in over a year now. Since then it’s been joined by a calamondin and – hopefully soon – a black pepper plant.

    I had hoped to grow a vanilla plant along with them too, but after a bit more research I’ve decided to wait until we get a conservatory since the vines grow quite a lot.

    The variety of chili plant I have is a Super Chili, I’ve linked a more in-depth post here how to take care of them. The big mistake I made for the first few months of having it was I didn’t give it enough fertilizer, once I got that sorted the thing went absolutely nuts and started producing more chili’s than I could eat, which has been great! The more fresh herbs I can grow at home without buying them the better.

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